About Us

From the Beginning. 

LVfins. was inspired by our daughter, an energetic soul who loves the ocean. Ever since I can remember the sea has been a part of my life and we will never live far from it. Whether it is fishing, diving, or surfing the water has provided a sanctuary for us to explore and enjoy.

As an Aquarius, Lyla’s attraction to the ocean is rich and valuable. We want to offer her the same opportunities we have had as a traveling family which has always been planned around the clean and pristine coastlines around the world.  

Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney there has never been a lack in surfing culture. Some of the big names are common around these parts. Founder, Brad, who started out pouring surfboard blanks at Midget Farrelly's factory in Brookvale at the age of 17, is now been in different parts of the marine industry for over 8 years.

'Watching the surf industry develop more & more every year can be overwhelming, it's amazing to see the young crew coming up through the ranks of surfing and especially my favorite style, longboarding. The kids are absolutely shredding these days.'

The Inspiration of our lifestyle brand.

Surfing + Social. 

    Aesthetics + Performance

This is where our idea of a product that would connect us as a community to the water and have a positive impact on the environment for our next generation.

LVfins. has been created to start a conversation about taking a step in saving our oceans. Our goal and inspiration is to work with a foundation that focuses on preserving marine. 

What Next?
As a local surf accessories brand we have started to create LVfins. HQ. 
Stay tuned for interviews with local surfers kicking off in September.
Here you will be able to get your hands on our full collection of fins & much more.