Who we are.

A local & independent Surfboard fin company. From Single fins to Keel fins of all shapes and sizes, it’s all for a good time in the water. We are at the beginning of our journey, and we plan to create an emporium of creative collaborations between other ocean lovers.

LVfins. Is a place to create memories and share knowledge of the waves and sea around our home.

HQ. Opening Soon.

LVfins. HQ. is a place where our founder Brad Verkerk interviews local surfers that tell their stories of how being a part of surfing and the surfing community has impacted life in the past and today.

Team Rider

Jason Pettet

Jason rides a 9'6 x 23" x3" nose rider with a LVfins LB Classic Raked fin for logging. Style.

He grew up listening to waves from his house, 'It's like a curse if I don't.'

What do you like most about surfing?

'I really enjoy the style and creativity logging has. The speed, power and flow you can't get from riding the shorter boards'

Where do you surf?

'Blue Bay which is down the street from my place and often chasing waves up and down the East Coast'

Favorite Surfer?

'Alex Knost. I'd say he is logging on a whole other level to anyone else. Rides and experiments with different types of boards which he hand shapes himself'

What's your competition schedule for 2022?

'Noosa Surfing Festival, NSW State Titles + a couple of smaller local comps. '


Team Rider

Mitch Conwell

Born in the 90's Mitch takes his surfing all over the East coast jumping on as many comps as he can. What a legend.

What set up do you ride?

'In my HP I use the LVfins LB Classic Raked " as a single fin which feels super nice and stable on the nose considering the size. I use this for the deep tail turns. In my log I'm a massive an of the LVfins LB Full Bell, the way it drives through the white wash and holds it's line on the nice makes me so stoked.'

Why do you surf?

'Simple really, it makes me happy'

What type of surfing do you prefer?

'I love all types of surfing depending on the waves but my favorite would have to be the high performance longboarding. I love how much you can do with a wave on them'

Where do you surf?

'Being a competitive longboarder I get to surf some really amazing waves but I do have most fun surfing my local beach breaks with family and mates.'

Favorite surfer and why?

'Favorite surfer would have to be Harley Ingleby, Since I was a grom I've loved watching Harley surf what ever board, he rips'

What's your competitions schedule for 2022?

'I love competing, I try to attend as many events as I can. It's been a crazy couple of years but I'm currently getting ready for Noosa Longboard Festival and NSW State titles'